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#41: Paranormal Activity 2

I was relatively fortunate to not have a lot of annoying chuckleheads in this audience... there WERE some chuckleheads, but not enough to really distress me.

I went in to this one with pretty low expectations; I really REALLY love the first one, but a lot of its strength lies in the fact that it did a lot of things in a new way. The sequel carries on the tradition, and doesn't do what I feared it would do (go overboard with special effects and turn the movie into a spectacle), but neither does it ever achieve the bonecrushing horror and tension of the first one. Still, some great scares and some cool tense moments here. The backstory of the demon that's doing the haunting gets some more clues, and it kind of diminishes the horror for me a little to find out there was a specific reason for it to be doing what it's doing rather than just picking a victim at random, though...

Paranormal Activity 2: A–



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Oct. 26th, 2010 08:15 pm (UTC)
Are you going to go and see The Social Network? Terrific film!
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