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#39: Let Me In

Now, I'm not a fan of remakes of foreign movies. That said... when a remake actually equals or improves on the original, I'm delighted. This doesn't happen often, and when it does, it's almost always because the remake has the good fortune to be in the hands of a visionary director.

"Let the Right One In" was the best vampire movie I'd seen in a long time, and "Let Me In," although it's the American remake, is the best vampire movie I've seen since that. The original is a HAIR better, but only because it was first. "Let Me In" is very well made, stays absolutely true to the original and adds some new surprises and developments. Incredibly well acted. And most assuredly NOT for the kids; this is about a young kid who falls in love with a young vampire... but it's about as far from Twilight as you can really get. When these vampires hit sun, for example, they don't sparkle. They burst into flames so violently that anyone standing nearby is going to burn to death.

Very well done movie indeed.

Let Me In: A