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#38: Monsters

So they say that "Monsters" only cost $15,000 to make, and that it effectively only had a crew of two people during filming, and the director did all the special effects on his laptop computer. If that's true... then this is all the proof I need that making a great movie is now something that ANYONE can do. Sure, we've seen things like Blair Witch Project and the like... but "Monsters" feels actually epic. In that it's about, well, monsters. And not little ones. HUGE ones, the size of skyscrapers. They look like a cross between an octopus and a giant spider, and flash with internal luminescence.

Now here's the thing, though... when I say it's about monsters... that's kind of a lie. It's actually about two people stranded on the wrong side of where the monsters live (they came from space and basically infested/took over the upper half of Mexico), and in order to reach safety, the two characters have to basically walk through the infected zone. There's actually not a lot of monster action in the movie at all, to the point where the monsters are almost a side plot. Yet neither do they disappoint when they show up. Incredible movie, but don't go into it thinking you're gonna get Cloverfield or Godzilla. The monsters in this movie could certainly take on any other kaiju if they wanted... but they don't really want to. It's a really unique giant monster movie. I hope that they make more. Hell, for $15,000 that's almost at the point where I can help them make more!

Monsters: A