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#37: The Town

So the thing about my experience seeing "The Town" was that the movie, as good as it was (and it WAS good!) it was the theater experience that was the best. I went to the "Gold Class " theater here in Redmond, and while the ticket to see the movie cost me $22.00, it was worth it. Because the theater had reclining seats, blankets if you wanted them, free soda, and a button you could push whenever you wanted an attendant to come to you so you could order food or booze or whatever. I ordered some onion rings, and they were DEEELICIOUS. Overall, a great experience. I won't be seeing every movie there, but if a movie I particularly want to see ends up there and I suspect it'll either draw chuckleheads (aka is a PG13 horror movie on opening weekend), or if it's a movie I've been REALLY anticipating, I'll pay the extra bucks. It's worth it if only for the guarantee that everyone else there paid a lot as well, so they're not going to be jerks and talk and make fools of themselves.

ANYway... "The Town" was quite good.

The Town: B +