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#34: The Last Exorcism

NEW RULE: Do not go see PG-13 horror movies on opening night.

Just got back from "The Last Exorcisim," which turns out was a very effective, creepy, moody, and quite scary little movie. Plot: A priest who's lost his faith sees one too many reports of exorcisms causing more harm than good, and hires a documentary crew to interview him and follow along with him as he performs a "fake" exorcism on a family who thinks it's a real one. Of course... it being a horror movie, turns out there's quite a bit more going on with the young woman who's supposedly possessed by a demon than this priest might initially think.

A pretty fine movie, truth be told.

But the audience I saw it with was the worst-behaved collection of troglodytes I've had the displeasure of sharing a theater with for years. In fact, the last time I had an audience this disrepectful, noisy, stupid, and lame was at "Cabin Fever," also a movie from Eli Roth (although that time as a director, not a producer). The police came in to escort a belligerent family of white-trash hoodlums from the theater during "Cabin Fever." And that same thing pretty much happened tonight at "The Last Exorcism," where a family had a SHRIEKING CRYING infant that they simply would not bring out of the theater. Management eventually intervened, but not before a significant portion of the middle of the movie (a point which, once the movie was over, was one of the KEY bits of dialogue, I suspect, in setting up the surprise ending of the film) was more or less completely ruined by the combination of a shrieking baby and folks elsewhere in the audience mocking the baby and causing most of the theater to erupt into laughter.

Also featured in this showing: several people who kept texting on their phones, a row of noisy teenagers who I actually got to shush (it mostly worked, but not completely), and believe it or not, some brainac with a green pocket laser who thought it might be fun to zap the screen now and then. Unbelievable.

It's been a long, long time since I came out of a theater with this much anger and disappointment and frustration at an audience. I guess I was due for one. But in the future... PG-13 horror movies get viewed when America's Finest are out doing other things. Like hopefully getting arrested.

The Last Exorcism: A – (estimated; I'll need to see it again to confirm without the audience annoying me)